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Laural of Luna's
Letters to the



Dear Friend JUDY,

        I'm really sorry we never got along all those years we knew each other, but the last year you were here made up for all the bad times we had. We were thrown together for a reason and I believe it was to watch over each other. I can smell you in my house I can feel you when I go to jim's. I know you're all around me and I want you to know I'll do anything I can to make sure the Bastard HANGS for what he did to you. I don't care what they say about me in court, but if it goes that far they WILL HEAR YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY!!! FROM ME. 

I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU. I'm thankful that we got so close even though just for a minute. 



Happy Halloween Laural of Luna!!! The moon shines bright on your 
favorite holiday and in the glow of that light, I see you smile. You still enjoy this magic night and touch the lives of those you loved. Now you can sprinkle a little night magic from the stars. How you must love that!

  I Love You,




Dear Laural, 

I miss you. I remember you as a kind spirit who will always be in my memories of growing up. You seemed not quite of this world.

Love, Lisa

Dear Laural,

Bright Blessings to you , Beloved Goddess-Mother of Nathan, Friend & Sister-By-Choice.....Laural of Luna....... I have much thanksgiving for you, to have been part of our lives, to have touched our hearts & minds, and to have kept in touch with us these many years through your regular writing of letters. Thank-you Dearest Gloria! As I open the Portal for you to cross the Rainbow Bridge into the Summerland, at 6pm on January 22nd, the group at Mother Rest Sacred Grove will call out our collective Blessings; I have no doubt that Silver Steve will be in attendance, waiting with your Ancestors to warmly welcome you into the beautiful realms of the Lord & Lady. Please feel free to visit us at Samhain, we will always have Corny Cornbread in your Honor ! I chose a Red Apple Tree that we may all visit in your Memory. I chose the area of number 13, because you loved the 13 Full Moons of the year. As a symbol of Re-Birth, may we all see the Apple's Star of Persephone. Hail & Well Met Laural of Luna ! Thank-you. Blessed Be, Love Eternally, 


Dear Laural, 

I miss you.
I love you.


To: Laural

From: Sassy

January 1st, 2000

Thank you for leaving me the treasures hidden in your memorial service, O Lady of Luna! You came to me clearly that day. I gazed at the surrounding suns, I heard the secret message in your poem, and felt your hand guide me into my place (in the warmth of your eternal heart). Thank you, Laural, for giving me understanding and comfort in the darkest moment of my life.

I can feel your guiding hand at the wheel of my life and your comforting words whispered into my ear. Too often I went blindly forward in life not listening to my dearest friend of so many years. I am listening now.

Bon Voyage, Queen of Lunar Light, until we meet again in the Summerlands. At that time the unsaid will be spoken.


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