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Laural of Luna's
Letters to the




To write a letter beyond simply click on the letter below below. Your email client will be opened by the forces beyond and you may send your message. Letters deemed acceptable for earth-bound mortals shall be published on the "letters beyond" page. You may read these letters by clicking on the "read" button on the left-hand task bar.



Letters to the Summerlands are the property of those who have passed beyond the veil of this world. By submitting a letter you consent to having it published on this web site. A request for removal from the website by the original sender will be honored. 

Here is a sample of poetry from Laural's poetry page...


 by Don David Scott

It is you, Isabel
And not the sunrise
I await upon this stone
For my heart takes flight
In a moment, one breath
When we almost touch
In the twilight
Of our lives
When the cry of the hawk
And the howl of the wolf
Melt into one
An conspire
To sing together
For all time.
Your talons pierce
My beating heart.

It is you, Isabel
And not the sunrise
I await upon this stone.



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