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Laural of Luna's
Letters to the


This page is dedicated to Robert Kent Buz Myers - November 9, 1941 to March 12, 2000

I have been studying Astrology for over 30 years. Take my word for it, you can study every book on the planet but nothing, nothing in the world, comes close to the Astrological tapes Buz Myers made while he was alive. This Scorpio Sun, Gemini rising, changed my life. 

You can still buy these amazing tapes! The website with information concerning his life work is currently under redesign using Macromedia Flash. To order, you will need to place your order by phone at the moment. I am in no way affiliated with those that are continuing his work. But I praise and honor them for what they are doing!  

The URL of the current site is:

 If you need to learn the basics such as the symbols of the signs, houses, planets and aspects then please read this book:

The Only Way to Learn Astrology, volume 1, by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers.

If you want to erect charts you should download (non-commercial use only) Astrolog. Download it here. Should you need to find latitude and longitudes, find them here.

This information should get you well on your way to learning metaphysical Astrology!

May the stars shine on you,





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