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Laural of Luna's
Letters to the




Crossing the River Styx            

When a dearly beloved companion crosses the veil to the Summerlands often things remain unsaid. Both the sojourner and those that remain behind feel the need to make contact, to touch once more. Laural's voice now calls to me from beyond. No Spirit I have ever met ever lived so close to the chasm between worlds. While on Earth, she was a woman of letters. In the 27 years I knew here she never failed to write those close to her. Scattered around Gaia are hundreds of hearts that were enriched by her.

This site is for those who have loved ones now living in the Summerlands, the land beyond death. I believe that I am answering her request.

Laural said there would be signs after her passing. Perhaps she will guide you with her wisdom as she guides me right now. Send your Love beyond the curtain of death to the Summerlands.

Please feel free to write to your loved ones that have passed beyond. 

To write a letter beyond, please click on the image below.



Here you may send a letter to the world beyond death and have it published on this site as a memorial (if it is deemed proper and you wish it to be published).  Laural loved to get letters while on Earth, I feel she will be no less delighted to receive your letters now.


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